Our hygiene certificates and the hygiene practices, being implemented by us within the organization of our enterprise due to the Covid-19, are accessible through here.
TUI SENSATORI Resort Barut Sorgun


Every child has great privileges in the fun world of TUI SENSATORI Resort Barut Sorgun.
Extraordinary Events
Play House
TUI SENSATORI Resort Barut Sorgun, offering special events, experiments and a range of other enjoyable activities prepared with care, offers children a unique entertainment environment. Meeting a variety of educational and entertaining experiences throughout their holiday, Children can visit the Crazy Kitchen and the Silly Science Laboratory for fun activities.
Colourful Activities
Play House Live
Your children will be delighted by a range of special events organized by a professional team in safe play areas. Accompanied by experienced animators, children can enjoy a holiday full of fun with new games and songs. TUI SENSATORI Resort Barut Sorgun, featuring social spaces where children can meet each other and make new friends, offers your children a charming holiday and unforgettable memories.
A Vast Blue World
Offering a special world for young guests, TUI SENSATORI Barut Sorgun exceeds entertainment expectations with fun swimming pools and a range of activities.
Fun Areas
TUI SENSATORI Resort Barut Sorgun provides young guests with a special holiday. Two outdoor playgrounds with colourful activities offer kids fun and unforgettable memories.
0 - 3 AGE
Bary Star
TUI Sensatori Resort Barut Sorgun offers a unique concept that provides thoughtful touches for the comfort and convenience of families with infants. With the Bary Star Baby Concept, infants are comfortable, and families enjoy the perfect holiday. In the privileged world of TUI Sensatori Resort Barut Sorgun, a memorable holiday concept with safe playgrounds and innumerable activities awaits small children.
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